Last week the first session of TERcine + Cabrita The coffee was all warmth! This next session is more Cabrita The Café offering tasty tidbits of local producers, drinks and a cool space proza ​​good before and after the session.

The reception is open from 19:00 and the display begins at 19:40, followed by proza ​​wheel.

Ah! And know that chill of late afternoon Joaquim Egidio? Bring your coat, blanket or scarf popcorn already waiting for you chilled! In these cold nights, TERcine the sessions are taking place inside the house, exceptionally.

A bottle in the Gaza Sea

This is a French 17 year old girl who lives in Jerusalem with his family. After the terrorist explosion in a cafe in her neighborhood, she writes a letter to an imaginary Palestinian, in which he expresses his questions and his refusal to admit that only hatred can exist between the two peoples. She puts the letter in a bottle and delivery to his brother to play in the sea near Gaza, where it provides military service. A few weeks later, Tal receives a response from a mysterious “Gazaman”.

Director: Thierry Sinisti
Production: France / Israel / Canada 2011
Length: 100 min
Admission: spontaneous contribution
Date: 02/08 – Tuesday
Time: 19:00